Fishermans from Jomtien Beach / Thailand

If you walk along the beach at night in Thailand, you will often see the green lights of the small fishing boats on the horizon.
Here the industrious people work night after night on the sea and catch various seafood, while we sleep comfortably or some have a party.

They all return to the beach before sunrise. There, the nets and boats are cleaned and the catch is sold immediately. The prices are often lower than at the big markets and many local residents swear by this way of buying seafood.

According to ‘Pattaya News’*, there have been problems with the tourism authority and fishermen over the cleanliness of the beach. The news also reports that there has been an agreement between both parties and the fishermen now want to clean the beach better again for tourism.

I just turned up there with my camera and, as so often in Thailand, found only friendly and open-minded people.

Since relatively small quantities are caught here and every single crab is lovingly pulled out of the net by hand and so many people make a living from it, this is a kind of sustainable fishing.